Thursday, July 20, 2006

Baby Oh My™ | Natural & Eco-friendly Baby Gifts and Toddler Gear for Style-Savvy, Modern Day Families

Here's another good site I found for buying baby stuff.

Shop in Canada for unique and modern baby gifts and toddler gifts. Browse our beautiful nursery crib sets, nursery bedding and children's products including baby cloth diapers and designer diaper bags plus baby teething toys, play toys, and wooden children's toys.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We welcome all the customers and hope you enjoy the new and improved shopping at You can buy the same great products with additional goodies in store. When our design process is completed we will notify you. If you are not on our mailling list, please sign up now!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Kaboose - Holidays - July 4th is Independence Day!

July 4th is Independence Day! From testing your trivia to making your own flag, we've got something for every interest -- choose from crafts, games, printables and 4th of July books.

Visit Kaboose for more about July 4th and Independence Day!

Wired Article

Here is a Wired article for parents.

Odds are you're worried about the public implications of your kid's behavior online – such as whether your tween is passing herself off as a sultry 19-year-old on MySpace, or he’s nursing an outta-control Internet poker and porn habit. Or maybe you're concerned that Google's cache will cough up their explicit blog to a prospective employer in 2016. In a teenage brain, impulse control is still under construction, psychologist David Walsh says. The job of the parent is to act as the surrogate prefrontal cortex.

For more information, visit Wired 14.07: START.