Friday, October 21, 2011

Crazy Paper Thing

Have some fun with this crazy paper thing. It's not exactly Origami, but it's entertaining.

The resulting puzzle reminds me of Rubik's Magic Puzzle.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Points Cards for the Nintendo Wii: Play Classic Nintendo Games

Nintendo Nintendo Wii 2,000 Points Card

Nintendo Points Card for Nintendo Wii ($1999)

Are you looking for a way to shake up the classic Wii games that you love to play over and over again? Want to score the leading edge over your opponents so you can climb to new levels and finally defeat that one impossible boss? Maybe you want to try your hand in a completely new game world altogether and explore a mysterious new adventure. Accessing incredible extra content and exciting new games for your Nintendo Wii is quick and easy with the Nintendo Points Card. This little card is your one-way ticket to a whole new world of opportunity. Are you ready to jump in? Packed with endless possibilities, this Nintendo Points Card instantly gives you $19.99 to spend at the Wii Shop Channel, Wii Ware and Virtual Console, so you can pick and choose exactly what you want from a vast digital world. Whether you pick up an entire game or some game-enhancing bonuses, you win every time with this versatile card. Plus, redeeming your Nintendo Points only requires a few simple steps on your Wii console, so you can log in, shop around and get right into the gaming action.