Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wizards of the Coast

A division of Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast is the World Leader in Hobby Gaming. Among many other arms and publishing divisions, WotC is responsible for -
  • Avalon Hill Games - Strategy, history & high adventure combined in exciting board & miniature games.
  • A&A Minis - Engage in hard-hitting, fast-paced historically authentic, squad-level tactical combet set across the vast panorama of World War II.
  • Duel Masters - Command the mightiest creatures, cast the most devastating spells & own the zone!
  • d20 Modern - Build the ultimate Modern, Future or Past campaign filled with adventure from any era.
  • Dungeons & Dragons - Action & adventure await in the original epic fantasy roleplaying game filled with swords, sorcery, monsters & magic.
  • D&D Miniatures - Whether you play tabletop skirmishes or roleplaying adventures, D&D Miniatures will add new life to your games.
  • Eberron - Campaign Setting for Dungeon & Dragons
  • Forgotten Realms - Campaign Setting for Dungeon & Dragons
  • GI Joe TCG - Use the Online Demo, find out How to Play & sign up for the Message Boards.
  • Kids Next Door - The Codename: Kids Next Door™ trading card game is a fun, fast & exciting game! Use STICK-AHS to build your own cards. Compete with your friends to rid the world of the evil adult menace!
  • Magic Online - Find MAGIC: The Gathering® events & information.
  • Magic: The Gathering The best trading card game players are Magic: The Gathering® players. You can take our word for it. Or the words of six million rabid fans.
  • Star Wars Miniatures - Learn to play Star Wars Miniatures & find all the latest news and product information.
  • Star Wars RPG - The greatest space fantasy of all time comes alive in epic battles & exciting adventures that span the galaxy.
  • Star Wars TCG - Products, card lists & rules - Learn to play the Star Wars Trading Card Game & learn about tournaments & championships.
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