Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Popular Google Doodle Games

There are several times throughout the year where Google commemorates events with special doodles that replace their logo on the home page. Some of these are interactive, animated slideshows. And some are actual video games that you can play. These aren't usually archived together in the same place, but they were promoted this past month and I've collected all of them here for reference.


Use simple coding commands for turns and repeats to guide a bouncing rabbit through simple maps to pick up treat. Learn the basics of coding while having bouncy fun.


Learn to play the sport of cricket with a team of crickets vs. a team of snails. A simple clicking game where you time your swing using mouse clicks. Aim for the fences!


Music is not limited to the world of sound. There exists a music of the visual world.

--Oscar Fischinger

Click around to make your own visual music composition. There are a number of interesting musical and percussion options.


Learn to play the theremin with Clara Rockmore! A theremin is a special musical instrument that you don't have to touch to play. It uses static electricity to measure the position of your hands and you control the volume and pitch via distance.

Garden Gnome

Launch a variety of garden gnomes through the air and plant flowers along the path. This is a simple tap game where you time the launch of the swinging trebuchet.


Hot spicy peppers are measured in Scoville units. Learn more and toss some ice cream. Can you take the heat with inventor of the Scoville scale, Wilbur Scoville?!


LoterĂ­a is a Mexican board game of chance. Let's learn how to play!

Halloween 2016

Swipe away in this Halloween game. Help the black cat cast spells by waving their wand.

Hip Hop

To celebrate the birth of Hip Hop music, learn to DJ your own mix with turntables & legendary beats...


Play the classic game of PAC-MAN!

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